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IZONIL is 100% functional waterproof drying system (WDS) developed to replace common plastering mortar and

solve problem with trapped moisture in the buildings


Utilizing physical principles

IZONIL uses physical principles instead of chemical principles to solve the problem with moisture entrapment


IZONIL plastering mortar
IZONIL plastering mortar

Redefining plastering mortar

IZONIL waterproof drying system (WDS) combines extreme breathability (water vapor diffusion coefficient µ < 8) with resistance to water penetration under 1 bar water pressure (<1 mm penetration).

IZONIL waterproof drying system (WDS) is made in computerized drymix process and consists of cement, sand and WDS Additive / RRS Additive


Additives for manufacturing drymix products

Developed and manufactured by our company, WDS Additive and RRS Additive are essential materials in manufacturing process of IZONIL products

IZONIL products

Range of waterproof drying system (WDS) solutions for complex protection of new, existing and historical buildings against positive or negative water penetration and against moisture entrapment with minimum 15 year guaranty

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